S.T.Dupont Portapenne pelle 2 posti

80,00  Tax Included

Porta Penne 2 posti in pelle colore champagne
impreziosito con la D placcata oro sulla chiusura.
*Acquistabile con 80  PUNTì   * (per i possessori di CLUBCard) *

Adatta a proteggere una o due  penne.
Clip esterna, sul retro, per inserirsi interno giacca.
Produzione anni ’90 – Made in France

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S.T.Dupont Paris
Port / Pens in fine champagne color leather

embellished with a gold-plated D on the clasp.
Price: € 80,00
Suitable for protecting one or two pens.
External golden clip on the back to fit inside the jacket.
Size: 4.5 X 15 cm

1990s production – Made in France
Original packaging and guarantee S.T.DUPONT Paris

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