S.T.Dupont Fountain Pen Art Noveau Limited

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STILOGRAFICA  S.T. Dupont Art Nouveau Green Fountain Pen & Key Chain
LIMITED EDITION:  #1327/4000.

Serbatoio e Cappuccio Lacca di Cina e rifiniture Placcate Oro 20 micron
Made in France.  Produzione anni ’90
Confezione e scatole S.T.Dupont

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S.T. Dupont Art Nouveau Green Fountain Pen & Key Chain

Limited to only 4000, this is #1327/4000.
Price: €  900,00
Fountain Pen Details: New/unused, complete with original boxes and papers.
Beautiful Chinese lacquer body – Approx. length of 5.5″ and a width of 1cm – 18k gold nib –
Medium size.

Art nouveau or “turn-of-the-century style”, is a romantic baroque style whose influence was essentially on architecture and the decorative arts. It brought out the ornamental quality of the curved line, whether floral (France, Spain) or geometrical (Germany, the United Kingdom).The name comes from the gallery that was opened in 1896 in Paris by Siefried Bing, and designates, in France and Britain, the movement known in Germany as “Jugndstil”.

By seeking a flexible, sinuous line, by playing with noble and traditional materials to reconstruct volumes, by reliving Chinese lacquer’s first steps in Europe, S.T. Dupont wanted to recreate:
“the fusion of structure and decor” – P. Thiebaut

To attain the Art Nouveau ideal and give to some the pleasure of an object that evokes the Art of the beginning of the 20th century. This magnificent writing instrument, created by great passion for the arts, features a slender arabesque adorned with fine materials such as gold and Chinese lacquer.

S.T.Dupont Fountain Pen Art Noveau Limited

Punte delle penne stilografiche

I pennini obliqui sono più difficili da usare ma garantiscono una calligrafia decisamente più espressiva e permettono di ottenere tratti variabili.
Dato che i pennini obliqui  sono inclinati verso sinistra, non sono adatti per mancini.

Se la vostra posizione di scrittura è inclinata e mancina, è consigliabile usare pennini obliqui di tipo OM, OB, OBB, O3B.
I pennini obliqui non sono disponibili su tutti i modelli e vanno ordinati alla casa madre.

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