Our History

Welcome to PortoNapoleone by Citron Bleu


In 1982, Gabriella and Pino Romano opened a small business located in Via E. Toti 12, within the Sant Anna district in the outskirts of Rapallo. They were willing and wishful to share new experiences together, blending them with those they already acquired in time. 

The name, Citron Bleu was chosen thanks to the contribution of a group of friends in a rainy autumn afternoon. The colour, blue, represents the uniqueness of the name Citron (“lemon” in French). It is the allegory of the originality of the activity, always in search for creative articles produced by eccentric and vivacious Italian manufacturers. Some of the firms selected at the time are nowadays successful companies such as Breil, Nava Design and many more. The start of this young new business was the 7th of December 1982.


Working in the outskirts was not easy. Despite everything Gabriella and Pino devoted they strengths and passion to make “CITRON BLEU” one of a kind. They slowly established themselves within the urban tissue up to realising the need for a bigger and more welcoming location.

In the 1985, CITRON BLEU moved to a larger shop within the city centre of Rapallo in Via della Vittoria 1. The building was located aside of the town’s cathedral, at the front of Piazza Canessa. The shop was inaugurated on the 17th of November 1985. Using the words of our friend and historian Umberto Ricci, “In the shadown of the bell tower, no one ever failed”.


In 1991, CITRON BLEU takes over a small laboratory that became the new store specialised in entry-level watches, straps and accessories. So it started the small new store, “TENDER to CITRON BLEU”, right in the central Galleria Montallegro 7.


Citron Bleu and sport

2001 – PortoNapoleone

In July 2001, Pino Romano launch the new branch Porto Napoleone, in the historical district of Santa Margherita Ligure. The name of the shop was inspired by the old name of the picturesque village. Indeed, in 1812, it was the same Napoleon Bonaparte to give this name to the town after unifying the two rival districts of Pescino and Corte. Contemporarily to the opening of Porto Napoleone, TENDER to CITRON BLEU was definitely closed.


Hublot Sailing Team – 2012 – PortoNapoleone.

The opening corresponded to a variety of adverse historical, political and economic conditions, such as Genoa G8, the 11th September in New York and the Iraq war. Nevertheless, Porto Napoleone managed to be appreciated both by locals, tourists and regular visitors which often spent their spring and summer season in the Tigullio Gulf. The 2012 was the 200-years anniversary of Napoleon selection of the name Porto Napoleone (1812-2012) for Santa Margherita. Ironically, the shop closed down the same year because of the excessive rental conditions demanded by the premise’s owner. That year, Porto Napoleone left Santa Margherita.

2014 – PortoNapoleone
  Le CheerLeader Rapallo

On Sunday the 24th of May 2014, Porto Napoleone got its new house in Piazza Cavour 15, Rapallo. In this historical location our life stories, passion and sacrifices all got together.




2016 – PortoNapoleone by Citron Bleu

Since 2016, the whole commercial activity is concentrated in Porto Napoleone, piazza Cavour 15, now the only location. In 2017, after more than 30 years of distinguished service, the shop in Via della Vittoria 1 was definitely closed. Porto Napoleone is now:

PortoNapoleone by Citron Bleu since 1982